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American Music Awards 2019 Poster

2024 American Music Awards (AMAs)

Attend the American Music Awards in VIP Red Carpet style!
American Music Awards Interest
VENUE: Peacock Theater LA Live (estimated date, exact date TBD)
LOCATION: Los Angeles
EVENT DATE: 11/17/2024
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VIP Tickets to the 2024 AMAs in L.A.

Looking for tickets to the 2023 AMAs? Sadly, we don’t have them since the event has been canceled, but we do have AMA tickets for 2024! Due to a scheduling change involving the Billboard Music Awards (ugh!), the AMAs have been bumped from their usual spot in November. Fortunately, the event has been tentatively rescheduled for November 2024, when the next Billboard Music Awards would have aired.  You can read more about the story at In the meantime, let’s take a quick look at some of the highlights of this enduring award show while we anticipate next year’s awesome award ceremony, performances and sizzling hot after-party.

Highlights from the 2022 AMAs

Wow! The 2022 American Music Awards were all that and a bag of chips, weren’t they? Fans were treated to performances from more than a dozen of today’s top hitmakers, including Coldplay, BTS (Band of the Year!), Olivia Rodrigo, Carrie Underwood, JLo, Bad Bunny, Diplo and sundry others. Here are some more fun facts about the AMAs.

  • The American Music Awards are officially the largest fan-voted music award show.
  • The AMAs recognize winners across multiple genres and nearly three dozen categories.
  • Taylor Swift and Michael Jackson are the all-time award leaders with 40 and 26 AMAs respectively.
  • The award show also hands out special milestone awards, such as performer of the decade or lifetime achievement.

In 2022, big winners included Taylor Swift for Artist of the Year and Favorite Female Pop Artist. Harry Styles won Favorite Male Pop Artist. Other nominees for Artist of the Year included Adele, Bad Bunny, Beyonce, Drake and Harry Styles. You can read more about the 2022 winners on the official AMA website, but we’d rather look forward to next year’s show.

Who Can Get Tickets to the AMAs?

Although this award show allows music lovers to vote for their favorite songs and performers in all the genres from pop and rock to Latin and hip-hop, few fans get to attend this A-list event as most tickets are reserved for industry insiders and celebrities. At VIP Concierge, we’re aiming to change that by offering a limited number of VIP AMA tickets to a few lucky fans like you. We can’t wait to tell you more about this amazing opportunity, but first, what are the AMAs all about?

What to Expect at the 2024 American Music Awards

The American Music Awards were created by Hollywood legend Dick Clark way back in 1973. Clark is the guy who brought us the iconic New Year’s Rockin’ Eve telecast from Times Square and who became famous by hosting American Bandstand, the music show that entertained your parents and grandparents for more than 30 years. He developed a bunch of other game shows and entertainment programs, but the American Music Awards is undoubtedly one of his greatest creations.

In 2022, the world’s largest fan-voted award show turned 50. And unlike some people that age, (cough, you know who you are) it’s still super ____ cool. One of the best things about this award show is that the fans get to vote for their favorite performers. Nominations are based on sales numbers and streaming data from the Billboard charts and other sources (there’s Billboard, again!) A panel of industry experts determines who makes the cut, but the fans make the final call.

The other awesome thing about the AMAs is that it celebrates all kinds of music, not just one genre like country, pop or hip-hop, so it’s more inclusive. And in today’s world, that’s important. Because not only do #BlackLivesMatter, music matters. It’s what keeps us sane at work, in the gym, while driving and when hanging with our besties. There’s no better way to celebrate the year’s biggest hits than by attending the American Music Awards live and in person. You can take our word for it.

Inside the Peacock Theater at L.A. Live

Winning a sparkling clear quadrilateral pyramid trophy at the AMAs is an amazing experience, but nothing would make us happier than giving you the opportunity to attend this once-in-a-lifetime event. We typically offer a selection of mezzanine, loge and floor seats to the AMAs, and these VIP tickets don’t last long.

This year, the AMAs are going to be held at the Peacock Theater in tropical Los Angeles. L.A. is our annual nominee for City of the Year, which is one of the few distinctions that this award show doesn’t offer. The date for the 51st annual American Music Awards is Sunday, June 9th, 2024 (estimated date).

Check your calendar. Got any doctor’s appointments, dentist visits, parent-teacher conferences, oil changes or financial advisory meetings on the books? Go ahead and cancel those semi-critical events. Nothing could be more important or more enjoyable than attending the American Music Awards with your family, your closest friends or that special someone who loves music and a good time as much as you do.

Grab Your VIP Tickets to the 2024 AMAs!

Don’t miss out on a chance like this. Opportunities to have a boatload of fun don’t come along every day. Join or mailing list to receive updates, or reserve your 2024 AMA tickets by calling us right now. Then, you can look forward to the shorter days, colder nights and all the memories you’ll make at the AMAs in beautiful Los Angeles. We can’t wait to see you and your peeps swagger into the Peacock Theater next April!

American Music Awards FAQs

Will the AMAs be held in 2023?

No, sadly, the AMAs are skipping a year due to scheduling conflicts. The next edition of this classic award show is expected to be held in April 2024.

Why were the 2023 AMAs postponed?

The AMAs and the Billboard Music Awards have traded places due to scheduling changes that moved the expected airdates. For the next award show cycle, the AMAs will be held in the spring and the Billboard Music Awards will be held in November.

Where will the 2024 American Music Awards be held?

The 2024 AMAs will be held at the Peacock Theater, formerly known as the Microsoft Theatre, in LA Live.