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Corporate Section2020-01-22T19:03:53-07:00


Do you need a customer loyalty program that’s unlike any other customer loyalty program? Can your employees benefit from an employee incentive program that actually makes them fell appreciated? If so, you need to team up with VIP Concierge. We provide entertainment packages ranging from the hottest concerts to the most exclusive celebrity parties. We serve up the greatest escape packages. Why fool around with the same old thing when you can offer your employees an incentive program that will really motivate them? It’s pretty obvious that your top salesperson doesn’t want a plush teddy bear or an MP3 player in the company’s colors. They’d much rather go to an awards show, or try swimming with sharks or rafting down a white-water river.

By rewarding your team with unique opportunities to have fun, you become the conduit to their excitement. In addition to gaining respect for your esprit de corps, you earn yourself a nice commission while they make merry. What’s not to like about that arrangement? Your customers will be so happy, they’ll probably buy an extra car from you. If not, they’ll surely need another dose of our exclusive exciting, which is what VIP Concierge is all about. We sell luxury and excitement to the privileged few.