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Tony Awards Poster

2020 Tony Awards

The coveted Tony award honors excellence on the stage.
Tony Awards Interest
VENUE: Radio City Music Hall
EVENT DATE: 06/07/2020

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It’s nice that there are so many award shows currently being produced and . It would be so unfair if we had to rely on some writer who doesn’t know about Tony or the proud Tony tradition to get us data on our personal favorite award show of this year 2019, and get ready for next year’s award. Next year’s Tony Award Show is going down on June 7th, 2020, at Radio City Music Hall, the prototypical grandfather of performing venues of all types, in never bored or sleepy New York City.
Naturally, VIP Concierge is standing by to source some tickets for you and whomever you decide to bring along for the ride and all the fun of not just the show, but all the after parties too. And these aren’t just neighborhood get togethers. The after parties are legendary for being the coolest of the cool parties, only for those with connections and sway. That’s just one more thing that you get by working with VIP Concierge. You get sway by the bunch, like bananas, when you work with us. Who else can set you up with tickets to the biggest and best award show dedicated to live theater?
Broadway’s cool because it welcomes the old, the new, the newly old and the oldly new. In other words, plays that were hot in the past are dug out of the self-storage locker, dusted off, recast and reborn–usually to the kind of accolades that new films or songs get. New plays are treated like treasure maps, and stage versions of books and films invariably find the path to the great white way. Theater stays the same by changing. Every show is different, and every night brings something new.
We bring you the good news that we have tickets to the shows and the after parties that you want. Check our list of available seats for the 2020 Tony Awards. Pick up a pair now, just to keep yourself from watching the calendar. Someone else is probably watching the calendar too, and you’d better get your tickets to the Tony Show and any other plays you’d like to see before that other person buys them all. We’d hate to see that happen to you.