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VIP Halloween Parties

Make Halloween 2023 a night to remember with VIP party passes. Join our notification list to reserve your spot at A-list parties in New York and L.A.
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VENUE: Los Angeles, NYC
EVENT DATE: 10/21/2023 10/27/2023 10/28/2023 10/31/2023

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Celebrity Halloween Parties in NYC and LA

Boo! Did that scare you? No?? How about this–BOOO!! That still didn’t work? Well, here’s something that’ll frighten you. Unless you immediately buy yourself some VIP tickets to a celebrity Halloween party in 2023, you might end up going to the local bar dressed as The Joker … again. Now that’s a scary thought, and by more than just a little bit. Bad things happen to people who dress up as this character. For once, we’re not even joking when we say that!

2023 Halloween Parties Hollywood-Style

As the years slip by, with all of those full moons and autumn leaves, you might be feeling a little bit older, but one thing that never gets old is Halloween, long after you’ve out-grown the candy and comic book-themed costumes, hopefully!

Did you know that Halloween is the second-biggest party night in the U.S. every year? Can we get a hell yeah? Hell yeah! Only Christmas is bigger. Why would that be? It’s because Halloween is so dang FUN! It’s no secret that Hollywood loves Halloween (ever notice how many letters they have in common? Uh huh!) We love it too, especially the Halloween parties. Usually, it’s hard to get us out of the office because we’re so busy sourcing amazing VIP tickets, but we put it in gear for Halloween.

What’s not to love? For the young, bold or adventurous, there’s sexy body paint and Playboy-inspired lingerie parties, always for a good cause. And for the few folks with body challenges, there are full-coverage costumes that will stun with their creativity and attention to detail. These celebrities have nearly unlimited resources, and they spend countless hours and many well-counted dollars preparing their Halloween looks. The results are truly awesome. You can take our word for it, or get yourself some VIP tickets!

Attend VIP Halloween Parties on Both Coasts

Celebrities go crazy for Halloween, including the Kardashians, Bette Midler, Neil Patrick Harris, Demi Lovado, Ryan Reynolds, Cindy Crawford and many others. If they aren’t busy hopping from party to party, they’re planning their own themed bashes. Since we are the almighty VIP Concierge, we have VIP tickets to A-list Halloween parties on both coasts. That’s right, and it’s particularly impressive because we don’t even know The Godfather. If you’re on the Left Coast, we have tickets to two fabulous VIP parties being held here in Hollywood just before Halloween.

If you’re looking for a dazzling Halloween party on the East Coast, we’ve got you covered with an ultra-exclusive event that’s going down in New York City on Saturday night. This party is conveniently scheduled so that you don’t have to break curfew on a school or work night since Halloween is on a Tuesday. The choice is simple. Have a wild party on the weekend or a milder one during the week. These folks opt for the former, and so can you. Or you can be like us and do both! Halloween only comes once a year. Give VIP Concierge a call to reserve your tickets to either of these bashes that attract national attention every year. These are some of the most famous Halloween parties hosted anywhere. Since we have VIP tickets, you can be there for all the wild, raucous and super-spooky fun. Please note that events may require proof of COVID-19 vaccination or a recent negative test.

Now Reserving Tickets to VIP Halloween Parties in 2023!

For 2023, we have an assortment of VIP Halloween party tickets for events hosted by A-list celebrities, Hollywood debutantes and well-to-do folks who know how to have a helluva good time. There will be more party tickets listed soon. Check back often, or contact us to get on the notification list. Available tickets will change continuously, especially closer to the big day, so make your move now to reserve your spot and show off your latest Halloween look, which is hopefully not The Joker. Just our sage advice.