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American Music Awards 2019 Poster

2022 American Music Awards (AMA’s)

Attend the American Music Awards in VIP Red Carpet style!
American Music Awards Interest
VENUE: Microsoft Theatre LA Live (estimated date)
LOCATION: Los Angeles
EVENT DATE: 11/20/2022

**VIP Concierge is a secondary reseller, prices may be above the face value.

Ticket Type Price
(per person)
Tickets Available Action
2022 American Music Awards (AMA’s) – Front Mezzanine Seating (First 3 Rows) $695 4 Buy Now
2022 American Music Awards (AMA’s) – Front Loge Seating (First 3 Rows) $850 4 Buy Now
2022 American Music Awards (AMA’s) – Floor Seating (rear half of floor; middle 3 sections (ie no end sections)) $1795 4 Buy Now


VIP Tickets to the 2021 AMAs

Wow! The 2021 American Music Awards were all that and a bag of chips, weren’t they? At least for the lucky few who were able to enjoy live and remote performances from Dua Lipa, Billie Eilish, Shawn Mendes, Katy Perry, JLo, freestyle rapper Megan Thee Stallion, hit makers Bad Bunny with Jhay Cortez and even the Biebs. With such an incredible lineup, it’s frustrating that more fans couldn’t attend. The good news is that even the Virus That Must Not Be Named can’t stop this time-tested, too-cool-for-school award show, and the better news is that VIP tickets to the 2022 American Music Awards are available now.

What to Expect at the American Music Awards

The AMAs have always been about popularity measured by backing figures on sales, downloads, concert attendance and general hysteria. The only way to actually measure that is with dollars. And that’s how these awards go. If you encouraged, endorsed or supported musicians, then your absentee vote would count toward their chances of winning one of the many trophies they are handed out every November. Organizers also poll fans but rely on industry insiders to make the final call, kind of like “The Voice.”

The other awesome thing about the AMAs is that they celebrate all kinds of music, not just one little genre like country, pop or hip hop, so it’s inclusive. And in 2021, that’s important. Because not only do #BlackLivesMatter, music matters. It’s what keeps us sane at work, in the gym, while driving and when hanging with our besties. There’s no better way to celebrate the year’s biggest hits than by attending the American Music Awards live and in person.

The Details

So, next year’s AMAs are going to be held at the Microsoft Theater in tropical Los Angeles, which is the annual nominee for City of the Year, except the AMA doesn’t award that distinction. The date for the 49th Annual American Awards is Sunday, November 20, 2022 (estimated date). That can change of course, since that’s what we mean by “estimated,” but usually we’re pretty close either way.

Grab Your VIP Tickets to the 2022 AMAs!

Don’t miss out on a chance like this. Reserve your VIP tickets to the 2022 AMAs today by calling us right now. Then, you can look forward to the shorter days, colder nights and all the fun you’ll have at the AMA show and the after-parties.