• Welcome to VIP Concierge

    Service is the opportunity to make a difference in someone else’s life.

    At VIP Concierge we offer hands-on service oriented solutions to help our customer’s improve their work-life balance and restore the priceless gift of time. Our services are limited only by your imagination; if it’s legal, morale, and ethical then Consider It Done!

    Whatever you value most becomes a priority, and at VIP Concierge we value your time. Our team of caring concierge professionals is trained and ready to serve you and add a warm personal touch. That’s what sets VIP Concierge apart from the rest.

  • Business

    Build your bottom line by investing in your employees. Your employees are what breathes life into your business. Their satisfaction is directly related to the success of your business and the experience your clients have with your brand.


  • Healthcare

    Doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals work long hours and are in demand and on call almost all day, every day. At VIP concierge, we understand that medical professionals give of themselves day in and day out to help their patients live happy and healthy lives.


  • Higher Learning

    Invest in your educators to build a brighter future. Educators are some of the most well respected professionals. Reward your educators for their hard work and dedication to serving and empowering our future leaders.


  • Personal

    Want more hours in your day? While there may not be any more truly undiscovered hours in your day, our concierge service offers you the rare chance to feel as though you’ve stumbled upon an oasis of time.