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Primetime Parties

2023 Primetime TV Awards Parties

Attend the hottest parties for the industry's most exclusive TV awards show!
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LOCATION: Los Angeles
EVENT DATE: 01/15/2024
PRICE: Please contact us for details!

**VIP Concierge is a secondary reseller, prices may be above the face value.


VIP Party Passes for the 2023 Primetime TV Awards in L.A.

What could be better than Los Angeles in January? It’s right up there with April in Paris and Christmas in New York.  There’s gorgeous weather with endless sunshine. The people are beautiful. Everyone’s in a good mood. What are they celebrating? Oh, a little award show that’s been honoring the most well-crafted, innovative and generally awesome Primetime TV programs for the past 75 years. Since the event has been rescheduled for Monday, January 15th, 2024, from its original date in September, there’s still time to book your Primetime TV Awards after-party passes.

The award show is so big that it’s held in the Microsoft Theater, but the parties are even bigger. Here’s the best part. We can hook you up with VIP passes to 2o23 Primetime TV parties and award show-related events happening across the city. Can you think of one reason not to go? Nah! We didn’t think so. Don’t worry, you’ll still have time to attend plenty of big events during award show season, but not before you experience L.A. as actors, producers and creative people of all stripes celebrate their big wins.

The Primetime TV Awards, One of the Big Four Entertainment Awards

This award show is just as big as the Oscars for the big screen, the Tonys for Broadway and the Grammys for anyone in the music biz. (And we have tickets to those parties too!) At the Primetime TV Awards, the industry and its biggest big-wigs, hand out oodles of awards to comedies and dramas that demonstrate artistic and technical expertise.

The Primetime TV Awards recognize up-and-coming shows and tried-and-true favorites like Saturday Night Live. This year, parties will be honoring hit shows like Barry, Ted Lasso, Abbot Elementary, Succession, The Crown and The White Lotus. All the stars will be there from Nathan Lane, Henry Winkler and Alexander Skarsgård to Elizabeth Debicki, Simona Tabasco and Elisabeth Moss.  And we bet that you can’t wait to help them celebrate their big wins at swanky clubs and private venues across the city.

These awards aren’t fan-generated or based on popularity or even retail sales. Members of the academy choose the nominees and vote for the best in each category. Today, winners are selected by nearly 16,000 academy members spread across 30 technical groups. This event has come a long way since 1949 when the academy sold tickets to the very first edition of the award show for just $5. Their status and prices have increased considerably since then, but we can still get you a good deal on VIP after-party passes that you can’t find anywhere else.

Party With the Stars as TV’s Biggest Award Show Turns 75!

For 2023, this quintessential TV award show is in its 75th edition, so the celebration is bigger than ever. And the parties are sure to be out of this world. Truly! You can expect endless appetizers, free-flowing beverages of the finest kind and head-turning celebrity sightings around every corner. Naturally, TV’s biggest award show will be broadcast over the air, but it’s waaaaay better in person, especially when you’re partying with celebrities and other well-dressed guests behind the scenes.

The official award show broadcast may last only a few hours, but the celebration lasts far longer. And the memories will last a lifetime. There are preparty warmups and post-show bashes that last well into the wee smalls. VIP Concierge can hook you up with passes to the various and wonderful after-parties thrown by the producers, distributors, networks and talent agencies. And if a show hits big for an award like best of anything, the mirth will be pervasive, for sure. Multiple wins guarantee widespread exposure. This leads to more subscriptions for the streamer site or cable provider, more allegiance to the show and even bigger parties for you to attend. Bring it on!

Get Your VIP Primetime TV Award Party Passes

Among the crème de la crème of the Primetime TV Awards are the studio parties. While regular folks will be laughing along as the comically gifted hosts crack jokes and the winners are revealed, you’ll be attending star-studded parties thrown by the biggest networks and media brands.

If you love primetime TV, attend a Primetime TV Award After-Party where your favorite shows come to life. It’s not too early to book for 2023! In fact, now’s the perfect time to get on the list. Get in touch with us today to reserve your VIP passes to L.A.’s hottest Primetime TV Parties.