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country guitarist playing in a concert
September 30, 2019

The Inside Scoop on the 2019 CMA Awards  The CMA Awards are coming, and they’re coming with a whole bunch of changes. Marc Bolan said it best in his song Dandy In the Underworld, when he sang “Change is a monster, and changing is hard.” Another fine comment on change is “Most people are unwilling to give up the comfort they have for the greater comfort they seek.”  Here at VIP Concierge, you not […]

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art cars at burning man event
August 19, 2019

Burning Man Tickets Are on Fire!  Burning Man 360 isn’t crazy. How could it be? It’s an event, a thing, a concept, an entity that cannot be described in one word, much less in one lone adjective. It can’t be personified by sticking some poor lonely descriptor in front of it, expecting that word to do your explaining for you.  It’s hard to talk about Burning Man unless you’ve been there, done that, know […]

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See who's set to win the teen choice awards this year
August 13, 2019

Teen Choice Voting Continues Until the Last Minute They say there are only two things guaranteed during a person’s lifetime – death and Texas, but we at VIP Concierge beg to differ with them, whoever those “they” people might be.  We can think of at least two other things you can count on as well. You know that the FOX network has never held back on the apparent rebellious nature of its programming. It […]

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Check out the MTV VMAs and see who will be there in 2019
August 06, 2019

Newark Is Aglow With The MTV VMAs At long last, the long-awaited MTV VMA’ are finally here, and it was well worth the wait. For all of us who’ve been eagerly anticipating the official release of the MTV Video Music Awards nominees, our impatience has finally been rewarded.  Now we’re more excited than ever to have a pair of tickets to the Monday, August 26th extravaganza. They’re resting dutifully inside a locked safe deposit […]

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