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This Man Is On Fire: Burning Man 360

August 08,2019

Burning Man Tickets Are on Fire! 



Burning Man 360 isn’t crazy. How could it be? It’s an event, a thing, a concept, an entity that cannot be described in one word, much less in one lone adjective. It can’t be personified by sticking some poor lonely descriptor in front of it, expecting that word to do your explaining for you. 


It’s hard to talk about Burning Man unless you’ve been there, done that, know the feeling and drank the kool-aid.


Now you’re sitting there in your cube-farm waiting for the IT team to upgrade your computer to the latest version of your OS, and you’ve had enough of IT and would like to be around intelligence that isn’t artificial and perhaps is artsy instead. And now they’re setting up your email, so they can tell you what to do for the rest of your career. 


But you aren’t interested in email or g-mail because all you can think about is the playa. You want to be out there–in the desert–for Burning Man 360, 2019 VIP style. VIP Concierge wants you to be there too, but we’ll talk about that later.



The Burning Man Experience



It’s true– the celebration that the French call “The Royale with Cheese,”–no, wait, sorry. We let some Tarantino slip in there.


The celebration that the French call “Homme Brûlant” isn’t crazy. Are those fervent devotees who create the pointless yet poignant, powerful, perplexing pop-up party of the year every year, who invade the Nevada desert and leave no trace and destroy all signs of their 7-day ultimate desert-beach party–are they insane or just zealots? Now there’s a topic for conversation.


Yeah, that’s right. You heard it as sure as if you were standing next to me. I called Burning Man 360 a beach party. It’s not a kegger, and it’s not a woodsy. It’s not a “come as you aren’t” or a “dress to kill” party. 


Neither is it a gallery opening or an installation–there is no gift box, flat rate carton or bottomless bag that it fits neatly inside. 


That’s why we call it a beach party–it’s not our fault that the beach is far from the sea. Really far. Like too far for linear-thinking people to recognize it for its sheer beach partyness. Burning Man 360 is also a birthday party and an anniversary. 


It marks the birth of this year’s flammable Burning Man statue and the anniversary of the destruction of Black Rock City.


It’s also a bit of an endurance contest or an extreme challenge. If you can outlast the desert–you win. It’s as simple as that.



The VIP Vacation



For us here at VIP Concierge, it’s more than just a challenge. We’re about pursuing pleasure, engaging the exciting, and carefree comfort. So our Burning Man experience is more like a vacation than a covert mission into a land from which there is no return. 


Burning Man 360 doesn’t do us–we do Burning Man in our inimitable VIP style, and that’s the way we want you to do it. In style and comfort. Just check the luxury accommodations we have for the VIP members! If anything is crazy, they are! 


We’ve got everything from costumes to bikes, full kitchens to air conditioning, freshwater, more freshwater, and some more water. Seems that the wet stuff is highly prized at the Burning Man playa. Can’t imagine why can you?


Right. It’s because Burning Man is in the desert–where there’s no water! If you want water, go to a Great Lake or a really good lake or any place but the desert. We prefer a great party to a great lake, and we know our clients quite well. They like a great party, straight up, on ice or over the sands.


Time’s wasting. Jump up and call us right now before someone else does. Right now, 25,000 other people are reading this blog, including you. VIP Concierge is waiting for you to make your move.