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international film festival signage in toronto
August 27, 2019

Toronto International Film Festival ’19: The Ultimate Event for Movie Fans One of the world’s most cosmopolitan cities, Toronto is the perfect setting for a truly international film festival. Now in its 47th year, TIFF is one of the world’s largest publicly attended film festivals.  Nearly half a million film fanatics congest the streets during the 11-night event, which includes more than 200 screenings and world premieres. The Toronto International Film Festival has it […]

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art cars at burning man event
November 19, 2018

After last year’s slimey Kids’ Choice Awards, why would WWE Wrestler and actor John Cena want to return as host for the 2018 slimetastic event? Because it’s fun, that why. Cena has officially been named as host, and he had better be slime proof because gallons of the icky green stuff will be coming his way. Of course, the goop is easily washed off after an hour in the shower and gallons water and voluminous amounts of soap.

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