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Triller Fight Club Ultimate Access!

What has boxing, concerts and celebrities and is a whole lotta fun? Triller Fight Club! Get your VIP tickets today.
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EVENT DATE: 06/19/2021
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Triller Fight Club ULTIMATE ACCESS ((Exact details vary depending on how the specific event is set up, but generally includes: VIP Host, Backstage Access, Green Room, Ringside Access. Will usually have opportunity for photos w/ celebs.) $3495.00 4 Buy Now


VIP All-Access Tickets to Triller Fight Club Miami

Triller Fight Club is a new form of sports entertainment for a new type of consumer. We only have one question: Are you cool enough for VIP Triller tickets? If not, you’ll be missing out on ringside seats, backstage passes, green room access and opportunities for killer photos ops. Only a few VIP tickets are available, and exact details vary since each event is different, but Triller knows how to put on one heck of a show party.

Triller Fight Club

Date/Location: Saturday, June 5th, Miami

Description: Combine top musical performances, celebs, and boxing, and you have Triller Fight Club. Access for non-celebs is extremely limited, but we have it!

The Triller Experience

It’s a far cry from the Rumble and the Jungle, and it’s no Thrilla in Manila. The Triller Fight Club is an experience all its own. Just ask Ryan Kavanaugh, co-founder of Triller and Hollywood stalwart Relativity Media who says the fight club isn’t about the music, or the boxing, or the celebrities for that matter. It’s about the experience. And it’s one hella experience. Bored with 50 years of brutal knockouts and boxing matches that only vary based on the style and lengths of the contender’s gym shorts, Triller Fight Club amps up the energy with eye-popping camera angles, the coolest music, lots of A-list celebs and a marketing team headed by Snoop Dogg.

The Music

Triller isn’t about boxing or music. It’s about both. When you add in top-flight musical acts like The Black Keys, Diplo, Major Lazer and the one-and-only Justin Bieber: A.) you wonder how the promoters did it. B.) you really, really wanna go. It’s like WWE WrestleMania for the over 18s versus the under 10s. Triller Fight Club is part music festival, part boxing match and 100% fun. While everyone else is renewing their pay-per-view subscriptions on their tablets and smartphones, you can be cruising to the bar in the green room for some snacks and refreshments thanks to those VIP tickets.

The Boxing

Born in November 2020, Triller Fight Club wowed audiences with its highly anticipated debut match featuring Roy Jones Jr. and the recently unretired Mike Tyson. Then, it shocked audiences with the unexpected TKO of veteran MMA champ Ben Askren by social media legend Jake Paul just two minutes into the fight. With these kind of headliners, Triller isn’t a one-and-done jam. The brand continues to outdo itself. Here’s what’s planned for Miami.

What to Expect at Triller Fight Club Miami

The ring in Miami is going to rock with power-packed blows from Greek-Australian George Kambosos who will be facing off against Teofimo Lopez, the unified lightweight world champion. Weighing in at just 130-135 pounds, these high-energy fighters put on an action-packed show that will keep your eyes glued to the ring. In fact, rumor has it that Triller paid more than $6 million to beat out two longstanding promoters who wanted to claim this sizzling title card.

At previous Triller events, general attendance has been limited to just 100 spectators hand-picked through promotional events. This is a rare opportunity to party with some familiar celebrity faces and live the VIP life while your friends are watching back at home.

Get Your VIP Triller Fight Club Tickets

The next Triller Fight Club is scheduled for Saturday, June 5 in sunny, sexy Miami. Get your all-access Thriller Fight Club tickets from VIP Concierge. Did you feel that? Your friends are already getting jealous.