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VIP Gift Packages

Want the perfect gift, but you can't decide what your special someone would want...then get them a gift certificate. They never expire and you know they'll be happy with whatever they decide on!
VENUE: VIP Gift Packages
PRICE: Please email or call for details

**VIP Concierge is a secondary reseller, prices may be above the face value.


How significant is your special one or  significant other?

Are you having trouble thinking up the perfect gift? Do you want your best friend to know how you feel about them? Are you tired of buying gifts for your coolest friends that just aren’t great enough? Well, worry no more. A gift certificate from VIP Concierge doesn’t melt. It’s good until it gets used, unless it’s for an event that’s being held on a certain date, like the Country Music Awards. If you buy an adventure outing for your wife or your husband or your friend, your gift is good as gold. In fact, it’s better than gold. Gold is boring. New thrills are everlasting.

VIP Concierge has star studded movie premiere and after-party packages. We have adventure outings like swimming with dolphins or skydiving or a week at a dude ranch. We even have tickets for a trip to the moon. OK, we’re exaggerating with that one, but seriously, we have tickets to world class events and experiences that will thrill and surprise your significant other or any other person who significantly impacts your world.

Plus, to make it easier to choose, we have several ways for you to shop for just the right package. You can search by price, by type of personality, by the relationship of the person to you, or by the event. We have offerings for your mom, your boyfriend, your fiancée, your dad, your best friend or your brother. We have gift certificates for your favorite music fiend or an adrenaline junkie, for a movie fanatic or a sports maniac. We have tickets to things you didn’t even realize you could attend. If we don’t have it advertised on our site, just ask us. We’ll try to find a way to get you into the event.

We have a staff of trained specialists who are waiting to help you select the right gift certificate experience for your significant other. And, it’ll be a significant upgrade to the normal gift certificate from some online store or local restaurant. We are your passport to exciting. VIP Concierge puts the lux in luxury.

Don’t just buy a gift. Buy a gift that can’t be beat, that can’t be matched, that is second to none. Peruse our offerings on our website. You’ll see we aren’t joking around. If you really want to make an impression on your favorite person, you’ve come to the right place. A new, unbelievable experience will fill their heart better than a new television will fill their entertainment center.

We specialize in the unattainable. We make short work of long odds. We can get you red carpet access to movie premieres, award shows, private parties, public festivals and just about anything you want to do. Just call us, and we’ll hook you up with whatever you like, from goosebumps to thrills to warm fuzzies. Don’t be shy. We’ve got the hook-up to hook you up to whatever it is you’d like to do.