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Taylor Swift and Her Unbearable Lightness of Being

December 12,2019

The nice thing about having your own awards show is that you can decide what awards to give and what a person or group would have to do to earn said award.

large stage with many people cheering

Some award shows are little more than excuses for a good party (heck, all of them are, in reality). And, toward that end, when a show needs a little kick to get started or to reach a higher gear, it can always add another category.

Or, it can add style to the list of awards and have yet another performance.

Impacts at the AMA Award Show

But if they really want to have their new change make an impact, is there a better way for an award show to go than to:

  1. Add a new award, 
  2. Award it to an artist who will automatically get extra fans watching the show (for better ratings, of course. This is TV after all.) and 
  3. Patiently wade through the layers of congratulations to receive the prize (Cars make nice prizes!)
microphone on an empty stage

That’s why it wasn’t surprising given the American Musical Association’s overlapping territory that the new category of Artist of the Decade coincides with her first decade of work as a top performer with a product that sells.

As we all recall, Taylor was a country-western singer/songwriter who started acting in films and adding pop songs to her repertoire about 6 years ago.

Suddenly, she made her move to become the reigning pop music siren, and like seemingly everything she touches, her hits turned to gold. 

What Taylor’s Working On

Swift not only tours the world relentlessly and records new albums regularly, she’s also becoming an activist for performer’s rights, women’s rights and liberal women’s causes.

people at a concert with a large screen

Although in the past she avoided politics, she said that she now believes that her position gives her some influence, and she feels it’s important for her to use it. 

Of course, we aren’t political beasts here at VIP Concierge. We’re friendly toward everyone. We believe that business and politics don’t mix, so we don’t mix them.

Swift, and her fans the Swifties, will have to decide how deeply she cares to get involved with her personal causes, especially her focus on the rights of women songwriters to be treated fairly.

Taylor at the AMA’s

At the AMAs, Taylor was feted silly and performed a medley of her hits from her old albums, which she’s decided to rerecord to avoid copyright infringement on the very songs she wrote!

concert goer with hand in the air

Carole King, the legendary Brill Street songwriter, gave Taylor her award. This was especially significant because Taylor wore out her vinyl copy of King’s groundbreaking album Tapestry long ago, but then again, didn’t we all?

Swift is also known for being generous to the needy, responsive to her fans and kind to animals and small children. I know it sounds corny, but it’s true! Examples of her kindnesses are all over the internet.

It seems to us that the AMA’s Entertainer of the Year award has been a long time coming, and now that it’s here, Taylor Swift is the perfect recipient. Wonder if she’ll win it in 2029 too? I guess we’ll have to wait and see.