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2020 Coachella Danny Elfman to Perform with Symphony

February 02,2020

Every April for the last 20 years, Coachella outdoes itself. Just when you think there’s no way that the music and arts festival can possibly even match the sway or catch the same buzz as the lineup from the year before, they put it on a familiar-looking poster–right there in your face. This year, Rage Against the Machine agreed to reunite for the two weekend show on the 10th and 18th. They played at the very first Coachella, 20 years ago back in 1999, and now they’re going to assemble and throw down for another unbelievable booking score. Every promoter in Anytown, USA, is Ibanez TS9 seasick green with jealousy. Early estimates are that about 90% of those promoters would have given their left arm to have booked Rage 20 years ago, when they were raging hard–but to convince them to come out of retirement and get together for more raging? That’s beyond belief.

2020 Coachella Lineup 

But just when the reaction to Rage Against the Machine’s closing the shows on consecutive Fridays had calmed down to a strong boil, even more unbelievable news was leaked. Super film score composer and ex-Oingo Boingo frontman Danny Elfman will be playing on the Saturdays this year–the 11th and 18th. He’ll have a full symphony orchestra with him so he can play, as he puts it “everything from Boingo to Batman and Beyond,” referring to his rock band Oingo Boingo from the 80s, his breakout hit with the score to Batman (when he steadfastly refused to work with Prince on the score, causing Warner Brothers to release 2 separate and unique soundtracks for the film–a cinema first) and those projects he did and keeps doing, like The Simpsons. That opening credits scene has been played about one blue billion times since he wrote it, and it still sounds great, and it’s going to be out of this world when he plays it at Coachella, along with whatever bits and pieces of film scores like Nightmare Before Christmas, Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure, Beetlejuice, Edward Scissorhands, and whatever other ingenious compositions he’s willing to share. The 4 time Oscar winner has his pick from a truly incredible library of world famous music. It’s going to be historic, iconic, and completely awesome. 

How To Get Coachella Tickets

And you can be right there, right then. No April Fool’s joke here. VIP Concierge can sometimes find tickets to this ultra-popular event, but they sell quickly. If you want some tickets, you need to give us a call to get on our waiting list–but we might have some on hand. You never know. 

Elfman is pleased that he can go out and perform his music. He had lost hearing from being in Oingo Boingo and standing in front of a tower of powerful amps night after night, so he retired for several years. Now, he’s able to stand and conduct some truly top musicians through some extraordinary music.

Don’t fool around. Get on the list now to see Rage Against the Machine, Danny Elfman, Calvin Harris, Frank Ocean and countless more bands over the 10th to 12th and the 17th to 19th. Our passes put you backstage with the stars, and you can chat with them to make sure you’re not dreaming. Even then, however, you probably won’t believe you talked about Fender Jazzmasters with the guy who wrote the theme song to The Simpsons. These tickets won’t buy themselves, and unless you make your move, they’ll be gone faster than a street taco on Cinco de Mayo.