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The Late Show with James Corden Premiere Poster

The Late Late Show with James Corden

Don't wait in line! Watch "The Late Late Show with James Corden" in preferred seats. Join the fun with James and guests.
VENUE: Los Angeles
LOCATION: Los Angeles

**VIP Concierge is a secondary reseller, prices may be above the face value.


“The Late Late Show with James Corden”

Don’t wait in line, you silly duck! Watch the Late Late Show from your preferred VIP seats. Join the fun with James and all of his guests–even the ones who won’t participate in Carpool Karaoke.

For as silly as Carpool Karaoke sounds, the bit is a hit, and you can see it live during the daily tapings of The Late Late Show, which is nestled right where it should be. After all, someone’s got to shake up the late night audience with some unexpected off-the-wall comedy, don’t you think?

What other late night talk show has been to Central Hall Westminster, Paris, France and Scotland? None. Nunca. Nadie. In other words Zero. That shows that Corden’s show has legs of some sort, and those legs translate.

VIP Concierge has tickets for you to not only attend the tapings, but to flit right past the line and head directly to your seats. That’s what we mean by VIP.

That doesn’t mean there are no rules. There are.

* Must be 16 years old or older

* Preferential seats

* CBS Television City in Los Angeles, California in Studio 56

But when you look at it, they hardly seems like rules. They’re more like suggestions.

Anyway, contact us to set up your tickets for when you’ll be in L.A. There’s plenty of room, and the sun shines even brighter on you if you’re from out of town.