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VIP Halloween Parties

Attend the most exclusive and star studded VIP Halloween Parties!
Halloween Parties Interest
VENUE: Hollywood, NYC
EVENT DATE: 10/23/2021 10/30/2021
PRICE: Please Check Price Table Below

**VIP Concierge is a secondary reseller, prices may be above the face value.


Boo! Did that scare you? No? How about this–BOOO!! That still didn’t work? Well, here’s something that’ll frighten you. Unless you immediately buy tickets to a VIP Halloween party, you might end up going to the local bar dressed as The Joker again. Now that, is scary by more than just a little bit.
Were you aware that Halloween is the second biggest party night in the U.S. every year? Only Christmas is bigger. Why would that be? It’s because Halloween is FUN! And nobody enjoys the celebration more than Heidi Klum, who said that this year, it would take her and a helper several hours to put on her costume, which of course, she doesn’t want revealed to the public.
Heidi really loves Halloween. She loves it more than Cowboy Curtis loved Miss Yvonne, and more than she loved him right back. Heidi spends months (and many dollars) every year preparing her costume, and she knows what she wants. She wants the best costume for probably the most famous Halloween party in the U.S., and we have tickets for that party, and that means that you can be there for all the wild, raucous times.
If you’re on the left coast, you might be looking for a party that’s closer to home. In that case, you need to hit the Casamigos bash here on the Friday before Halloween, which is conveniently scheduled so you don’t have to break curfew on a school night. The choice is simple. Have a wild party on the weekend or a milder one during the week. These folks opted for the former, and so can you. Give VIP Concierge a call to reserve your tickets to either of these bashes that attract national attention every year. This is reportedly as good if not better than Heidi’s so you can still celebrate in L.A. and if you want you can go to NYC for Heidi’s affair.
There will be more party tickets listed soon. Check back often. The available tickets will change continuously over the next few weeks, so make your move now to reserve your tickets.