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VIP Restaurant Reservations

Why wait like everyone else for the dinner reservations at the HOTTEST VIP restaurants? Don't wait days, weeks, months for dinner reservations at the "IT" restaurant. Let us use our connections to get you those hard-to-get reservations.
VENUE: L.A., NYC, San Francisco, Napa Valley, and Orange County
PRICE: Cost is $250 per reservation for up to 4 guests.

**VIP Concierge is a secondary reseller, prices may be above the face value.


If you're like Winston Churchill and are easily satisfied by the best, we can relate. Being the best and eating the best is what we're all about. We also like to share our passion for culinary excellence. You don't have to be foodie to appreciate the convenience and luxury of VIP reservations at the hottest hard-to-book eateries, but it might help.
If you've been calling over and over trying to get a reservation at the latest "it" restaurant and keep getting shut out, we can help. At VIP Concierge, we have the key to the kingdom and access to the hottest restaurants in L.A., Orange County, San Francisco and Napa Valley, the ultimate fresh-food paradise for localvores. Our VIP connections allow us to make restaurant reservations for prime tables at prime times, so you don't have to go out way too early or eat way too late just to try the dishes that everyone has been raving about.
We regularly make reservations at the small high-end restaurants that have a few tables, a high demand and a devoted following. Want to enjoy creations from your favorite celebrity chef? We will get you in the door. If you have a craving for Kobe steak or are committed to wholesome vegetarian fare, let us design the ideal VIP dining experience for you and your party. California is a food lover's paradise, and we're proud to serve up the hottest meal tickets. If you want to experience exclusive, personalized tasting menus, gourmet French cuisine, the best seafood on the coast or fresh, local produce from organic farms, we can arrange it. Maybe you're a fan of wines but haven't been able to get into the restaurant with the best cellar and master sommelier? We will make sure it happens.
We believe in making the impossible possible. If you need a last-minute table or advance VIP reservations for a special occasion, we will move the world and make absolutely, positively sure you won't have to sit next to the bathroom. Don't let your big plans slip away. Premium tables at the world's best VIP restaurants are waiting, and they can be waiting for you.