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VIP Nightclub reservations poster

VIP Nightclub Reservations

Don't wait in line. Get past the velvet ropes and ushered right to your table at the HOTTEST nightclubs like a true VIP!
VENUE: L.A., NYC, Miami, Las Vegas, and San Francisco
PRICE: Cost is $250 per reservation for up to 4 guests.

**VIP Concierge is a secondary reseller, prices may be above the face value.


Going out is fun. Waiting in lines isn't. When people brush past the line or walk through a secret VIP entrance, everyone wants to know how they did it. Fortunately for you, it's not a secret. You don't have to be part of some super-secret handshake club to enjoy preferential treatment at the hottest night spots in Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York City, Miami or Vegas. Just give us a call.

VIP Concierge invites you to experience the definitive nightclub experience with hassle-free door entry, a private table, bottle service and all the perks that celebrities and elite customers enjoy. We have the ways, means and connections to make awesome happen. We love making reservations at the hottest clubs. We can't go, but we're glad to get you in the door at every place that was supposedly booked up for the next six months. You'll feel great. Your friends will be beyond impressed. It's a real win-win for special events, parties or the ultimate girls' night out.

We'll hook you up with reservations at the nightclub of your choice. A good concierge knows how to treat guests and ensure that their every need is met. If you're new in town or are traveling around, have us recommend a hot club that you're sure to enjoy. We don't offer regular old VIP reservations. We'll create a custom-tailored nightclub experience for you and a small group of friends–or a big group if you're celebrating something really special. We'll help you select the ideal venue and make reservations for your preferred date and time.

Today's nightclubs have so much to offer, and we'll make sure that you can experience it all. From classic discotheques to ultra-modern lounges and crazy themed clubs, there's a VIP nightclub experience for everyone. There are even clubs with a staff mixologists who will handcraft cocktails for you and your gang. If anyone deserves the full VIP treatment, it's you. Treat yourself, wow your friends, and have a great time clubbing VIP style. We know all about the VIP clubs in L.A., but we can also hook you up with reservations at exclusive clubs in the hottest cities across the nation.