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VIP Concert Meet & Greets!

You've asked for VIP concert tickets, so we're bringing them to you. VIP backstage passes and meet and greet tickets to some of the hottest concerts around!
VENUE: Various
LOCATION: Los Angeles
PRICE: Contact us for details.

**VIP Concierge is a secondary reseller, prices may be above the face value.


VIP Concierge is pleased to announce a new service for our faithful followers, and we're as proud as a dog with two tails to do so. As part of our VIP opportunities, you can purchase meet and greet tickets for select performers backstage at their show. How cool is that? It's even cooler than an ice cube floating in a frozen margarita. It's cooler than Jack Purcell tennis shoes with Adler socks and a Robert Bruce V-neck sweater. It's so cool, that it embarrasses snow.

Not only can you meet and greet your favorite star, you can have your picture taken with them. Autographs are nor guaranteed, but who needs one when you have a photo that will last a lifetime? These celebrity meet and greets are at various locations and on various dates depending on the logistics, but we have many of them listed above this announcement. And, if the star you want to meet and greet isn't on our list, give us a holler and we'll see if we can't arrange it.

These VIP concert tickets and backstage passes are the creme de la creme, the hottest, most in-demand singers performing around the country. Plus, you can combine this fantastic opportunity with one of our VIP ticket packages and turn it into a total megasonic nuclear warhead experience that you may never recover from. Seriously.

Don't expect to find such a rich opportunity anywhere else. Buy your VIP concert tickets and passes from VIP Concierge! These celebrity meet and greets are only available through VIP Concierge, your passport to the most exciting, most exclusive, most rewarding experiences in the entire known world– and parts that are unknown too.