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2019 Billboard Music Awards VIP Poster

2023 Billboard Music Awards VIP

The Billboard Music Award is an honor given by the publication covering the music business. Unlike other awards, winners are based on sales, number of downloads and total airplay.
Billboard Music Awards Interest
VENUE: MGM Grand Arena (estimated date; exact date TBD)
EVENT DATE: 05/14/2023
PRICE: Please See Below:

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Ticket Type Price
(per person)
Tickets Available Action
2023 Billboard Music Awards – FLOOR SEATING $2295 4 Buy Now
2023 Billboard Music Awards – FRONT FLOOR SEATING (FIRST 12 ROWS!) $6995 4 Buy Now


In the good old days, awards shows were few and far between. One show was focused on films, one focused on television, and others were for music and theatre. With the national availability of cable TV with its 128 station packages and paid entertainment options, award shows have sprung up specifically for various networks prime viewership members. Nowadays, you can’t swing a cat on a Friday night without running into an award show of some type run by a network that caters to a specific audience, such as Nickelodeon, ESPN or Teen Choice. Most are chosen based on popularity or skill by their respective audiences. But there’s only one that has nothing to do with the romanticism of a popularity contest. Its winners are decided digitally–by comparing how much money each show, film, recording and performance took in for the companies that produced it.
By now you’ve probably realized that we’re talking about the Billboard Music Awards, the truest measure of a song, a songwriter or a performer. Talk about brass tacks–these are more like galvanized steel. There’s no debate about who wins the Billboard awards each year. The answer’s written on the bottom line of every creative audio or video project. Even commercials that play on TV or the radio have an award channel of their very own.
The 2023 Billboard Music Awards are scheduled for May 14th at the MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas (estimated date; exact date TBD).
Last year, Drake received several BBMA trophies. He even said that he’d probably get into MAD magazine as his total item stash reached 27, including Artist of the Year a few times since his last concerts, and with the type of sales/downloads/live performances Drake gets, he’s not going to be circling for very long. He’s decided it’s time to eat!!
VIP Concierge has tickets to the 2023 Billboard Music Awards, plus passes to many of the most famous celebrity shows and parties. We’ve already done the hard part–all you have to do is choose your event and contact us. We’ll hook you up right away so you can stay chuffed all next year.