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corporate concierge servicesWork/Life Balance is one the hottest issues of our time. One recent study states the average employee in “Corporate America” spends up to 20 percent of their time at work taking care of personal tasks like filling a prescription, arranging child care, researching travel accommodations and airfare, scheduling oil changes and car maintenance, or even shopping for birthday gifts. That means employees are more than likely spending on-the-clock or billable hours taking care of personal responsibilities and handling personal to-do list tasks.

When it comes to their job employees consider one thing more important more valuable than money, and that is time. Achieving a balance between their work life and their personal life is the ultimate goal for today’s employees. More and more, it is the company that respects personal boundaries that acquires, attracts, and retains the best talent, over the company that offers the highest salary.

Partner with VIP Concierge and show your employees that the company cares about their life, their family, and their peace of mind. Give employees the benefit of an on-site concierge, from VIP Concierge, that will have an undeniably positive effect on their loyalty, along with your company’s brand, reputation, and culture, which will in turn positively affect your customers’ experience and ultimately your bottom line.


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